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K9 Justice League > K9JL C4 Adjustable Belt
K9JL C4 Adjustable Belt

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Prod. Code: K9JL C4B

C4 Belts are customizable, no metal, vegan, stylish belts made from an extremely durable TPE, the same material as the tread on a snowmobile. C4 belts are high quality and washable - AND WATER RESISTENT!  You can switch out the buckle very easily. C4 Belts comfortably fit ANY waist size up to 42 inches. Simply cut the belt to size and then add the buckle. C4 Belts are very popular for active people--equestrian, golf, ski, wakeboard, or any activity where you're going to have some fun, and need your pants (or shorts) to stay up. The Belts are waterproof, and can be washed in the dishwasher.